Upgrade to Oracle GoldenGate 23ai with RheoData

The release of Oracle GoldenGate 23ai marks a pivotal shift as the "microservices" architecture becomes the sole supported framework, rendering the classic architecture obsolete. If you’re still running Oracle GoldenGate Classic, it’s time to upgrade to stay supported and take advantage of the latest features.

RheoData is your ideal partner for this transition. With extensive experience in both Classic and Microservices implementations across various environments, RheoData ensures a smooth, efficient upgrade process tailored to your needs, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Choose RheoData for a seamless upgrade to Oracle GoldenGate 23ai. Schedule a 15-minute consultation with our experts to discuss your upgrade path and ensure your data replication and integration remain cutting-edge.

Why RheoData?

RheoData excels in providing comprehensive Oracle GoldenGate services tailored to meet diverse data replication and integration needs. With over 25 years of experience, RheoData offers expert-driven solutions including Oracle GoldenGate assessments, support and consulting, managed services, and specialized training. They ensure seamless database migrations, zero data loss during upgrades, and high-volume transactional data delivery. RheoData's proficiency extends to integrating data with Big Data platforms like Kafka and Snowflake, ensuring your data remains consistent and operational at peak performance.

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RheoData were great to do business with! They are truly the experts in Oracle GoldenGate replication and helped us with the most complicated type of replication I've ever seen.  Highly recommend!

Customer from Healthcare Services

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