Fulfill your AI vision in a flexible cloud designed to run any application, faster and more securely. Deliver powerful, adaptable tools that capitalize on data and AI to support every customer and every employee.

Free up time and resources for critical data management, security, governance, and application modernization projects with AI-driven automation. Add new AI solutions to deliver quick ROI wins. Show what’s possible now while designing a cohesive AI vision for the future.

CIOs are being driven to build a cohesive vision and plan to build, automate and scale the AI practice. The benefits of AI are self-evident, and the rest of the executive team are almost universally on-board. What’s needed is compelling leadership that will ensure that AI is deployed in a way that best capitalizes on the opportunity.

That’s where the expertise and support of Oracle and RheoData comes in.

Why RheoData?

RheoData ML/AI Engineers help you analyze, define, and develop your next Generative AI solutions.  Providing a unified approach to implementation of AI driven chat bots or Oracle Digitial Assistants.  Enabling you to achieve higher ROI on your generative AI journey.

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Target Instant Benefits with AI

Oracle GenAI offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions that enable you to leverage the power of AI in your business. Backed by the right AI center of excellence (CoE), you can start seeing quick wins almost immediately:

  • Zero in on optimal pricing based on buyer behaviour.
  • Identify trends that could affect your cash flow.
  • Deploy AI-powered chatbots to field routine queries.

What Success Looks Like for CIOs

AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different enterprises have different goals, challenges, and opportunities. Here are some examples of how AI has delivered tangible benefits for CIOs and their organizations:

  • Tens of thousands of hours of manual labour saved each year.
  • Faster queries of databases at (much) lower cost.
  • Launch new services faster and (again) at lower cost.
  • Improve the speed of operational processes.
  • Drive a substantial improvement in data consistency and accuracy

To assist CIOs in achieving all of this, Oracle offers a complete, end-to-end platform for AI that features advanced built-in security, best-in-class data management and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud apps that ensures that you have the foundation to chase any AI opportunity.

See how organizations are delivering AI innovation across all lines of business.

Leverage AI to enhance your business operations and gain a competitive edge.

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